On a Tuesday visit us down at Route 23, our pop-up community coffee shop based in the

Spring Lane Neighbourhood Centre, Sussex Ave, CT1 1RT

A range of fresh coffees, teas, breakfasts, lunches and cakes awaits you, along with a very warm welcome from our staff and volunteers.

There’s a play space for toddlers, plus Park and Play, a regular term time activity hour for preschoolers and their parents/carers each week 10-11am

And if you are having a tough day ask about a free coffee from our suspended coffee scheme.

Foe more information and a look at our menu visit our website below

Route 23

or find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @route23coffee


Open House Lunch Group

Open House has also now moved down to Spring Lane on a Tuesday

With lunch and an activity or talk each week, come and join us for a great meal and friendly chat. A warm welcome for everyone.

Hot dinner £3 Pudding £1

12-2pm term time

Spring Lane Neighbourhood Centre, Sussex Ave, CT1 1RT